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Why yes, you can volunteer for as many as you'd like!

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Date Nights


Each month, Families 4 Families hosts a "Date Night" in each of our offices where families can drop off their foster, biological, and adopted children at a local church for supervised activities to take the evening and reconnect as a couple. Our volunteers watch children from birth to 17 years old for approximately 4 hours. 

Handy Man


Many times as a foster family simple items can be a big challenge. We need mend who can help put together cribs, beds, swing sets, and do basic yard maintenance to come alongside and serve our families when needed. 

Respite Home 


This is a family who goes through the entire home study process and can keep children for several days up to several weeks at a time. This process takes approximately 4 months to get approved. 



Whether you can cook a meal once a week, once a month, or donate a gift card of $40 periodically, this is the place for you! Families 4 Families tries to provide every foster family a meal every week to lighten the weekly load and encourage families in their fostering journey.

Mentor / Babysitter


This is someone who can come and pick up a child and take them out for a few hours or come and watch the child at the foster families home. These adults are essential for a child to help develop healthy relationships with other people in the community. 

Birthday Bags 


Each year Families 4 Families provides a birthday bag for each one of our foster children to help celebrate their birthday! This year we will do about 250 birthday bags for our children and spend about $50 on each child. 

Prayer Partner


Many of our families are ministering to children who have been exposed to severe trauma, including physical, sexual and verbal abuse. This can take its toll on marriages, bio children and the entire e family. Would you commit to pray weekly for a family?

Family Friend


This is a family who intentionally gets to know 1-2 foster families in their local church/community and can provide up to several days of care in their home several times a year. 

Diaper Drive


Families 4 Families goes through a lot of diaper to support foster families and children. Leading a diaper drive can be a huge benefit to our families and the children they serve. 

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