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Why yes, you can volunteer for as many as you'd like!

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Date Nights


F4F regularly hosts "Date Night" events in each of our offices where families can drop off their biological, adopted, and foster children at a local church for a night of fun. This allows foster families to take the evening to reconnect.

Handy Man


At times, completing additional tasks can be challenging for foster families. There is a need for people who can help with tasks such as putting together cribs, beds, swing sets, and doing basic yard maintenance.

Respite Home 


This is a family that will provide temporary care for children in the foster care system. When you open your home to be a respite family, you will know when a child is entering your care and when they are leaving your care.



Whether you can donate a meal once a week, once a month, or as a one-time gift, this is a need! It is our goal to provide meals as often as we can to encourage families in their fostering journey.

Mentor / Babysitter


This is someone who can offer their time to spend with children in foster care. These adults are essential for a child to develop healthy relationships with other people in the community. To participate in this ministry, regular background checks are required.

Birthday Bags 


Every year, Families 4 Families provides a birthday bag for each of our foster children to celebrate their birthday! This year, we will make hundreds of birthday bags for our children.

Prayer Partner


Many of our families are ministering to children who have been exposed to severe trauma. This can take its toll on marriages and families. Would you commit to praying weekly for a family?

Family Friend


This is a family that intentionally gets to know 1-2 foster families in their local church or community and provides support. Reasonable and prudent parenting standard guidelines must apply.

Diaper Drive


Families 4 Families goes through a lot of diapers to support foster families and children. Leading a diaper drive can be a huge benefit to our families and the children they serve.

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