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 Becoming A Banner Church 

Church Partnership

Below is a list of churches that we gladly partner with to help serve our foster families. Our goal in implementing this model is for the local churches to surround our foster families with everyday needs. Not only is it beneficial that our agency surrounds them but that local church members do as well. We appoint a Banner Church Leader to help this process go smoothly and to keep communication with the foster families to a minimum as they are busy with children, case managers, and county phone calls.

If you are looking to become a new partner with us please reach out
to or contact our Executive Director, Wayne Naugle at 404.313.3957.

  • Banner Church Leader - This is a key position to help recruit and train Banner Team Leaders that can support foster families within your church and community.

  • Banner Team Leader - This is a position that can recruit and organize volunteers to come around foster families in your church and community.

  • Respite -This is a family that goes through the entire approval process to keep children for a few days up to a few weeks so the foster families can have some time away. Respite families may serve more than one foster family.

  • Family Friend - This is a family that maintains a relationship with the foster family and is able to keep the children several times a year for several days each time.

  • Handy Man- This is a person or group of people that can do yard work or help with occasional needs around the house.

  • Mentor - These are students and adults 18 years and up that can babysit and take the foster children out for a few hours.

  • Meals - This can be one family or several families that provide regular meals for the foster family.

  • Prayer Partner -This is an individual that simply prays for the foster family, foster children and their biological kids on a regular basis.


* All of these supports are communicated through the Banner Team Leader.

Finding a Banner Church Near you!

Step 1: Find the county you live in and click the corresponding colored button on the right.

Step 2: Find the church under your region that is closest to you.

Step 3: Contact the church and let them know that you are interested in volunteering with their Banner Church Team. 


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