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Families 4 Families is a Private Foster Care Agency. You might be wondering what a "Private Foster Care Agency" means, and how becoming a foster family through a Private Agency is different than becoming a foster family through your local county.

"A Private Foster Care Agency is an organization who is licensed through the State of Georgia to place Georgia's foster children in foster homes."

Private Agencies are overseen by the State Office and have to follow strict standards when approving foster families, and ultimately the State signs off and approves every home before foster children can be placed there.

When a child enters foster care, they are placed in the custody of the county I which they were removed from their care giver. It is then up to that county to find a foster home that is a good fit for that child. They do this by checking with their local county foster homes and also with Private Agencies in the area that might have a family available to take in a child. 

There are several differences between fostering through a Private Agency and fostering directly through your local county. One of the biggest differences is the additional support and services that a Private Agency is able to offer their families. Our agency offers various supports such as monthly date nights, monthly continuing education opportunities, moms and dads support groups, access to our clothing closet and diapers and wipes for foster children that need them. Another difference is that with a Private Agency your family will have an additional caseworker who is an extra support during the challenges of foster care and a voice to advocate for your family and any foster children placed in your home. Our caseworkers have low caseloads in order to provide more personalized attention to your family. A final difference worth mentioning is that if you foster directly through your county, you will only receive foster children from that same county. With a Private Agency, you could receive a child from any county within reasonable driving distance from your home. 

We hope that this information will help you make the best decision for your family, whether it's fostering through a Private Agency like ours or directly through your local county. We would love the opportunity to serve your family and support you as you begin the rewarding process of being a foster family. 

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