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Volunteer Programs


Did you know that state wide, about half the families who go info foster care quit within one year? It's not because they don't love children or they don't feel called to help families. It's one simple reason... they don't get the support when they need it the most. Whether you want to be a babysitter, cook meals, or serve at a Parent's Night Out, we have a place for you! Here are a few ways you can use your gifts to help these children:


If you have any questions about how to be involved, email Kayla!

Volunteer Application

Parents Night Out

Volunteer once a month to watch children at a local church while their parents enjoy a night out. 

Church Advocate

Be a local contact for your church to help coordinate volunteers and help bring awareness to its members. 

Prayer Partners

Get connected with one of our foster families and keep them in your prayers. 


Become an approved babysitter and help foster parents by babysitting either in your home or the home of the foster family. 

Frozen Meals

Give a foster parent the night off from cooking by preparing a freezer meal and dropping it off at one of our locations.

Hot Meals

Join a care team and provide a foster family with a hot meal once a month. 

Birthday Box

Help a child celebrate their birthday by providing them with a birthday box

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