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Foster Family, Foster Kids, Christian based foster care agency in Georgia

 Foster Care: Connecting Communities, Loving Families 

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What Can You Do?
How to sign up for Foster Care in Georgia


Are you looking to learn more about becoming a foster parent? Sign up to attend one of our informational sessions virtually or in an office near you!

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Are you looking to support families and foster children in your community? Check out all of our support services and volunteer opportunities below. 

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Church Partner

Is your church involved in foster care? We would love to meet with them and have that conversation. Learn more about what church partnership looks like with Families 4 Families!

What foster care agency takes care of their families the best?


Are you interesting in financially investing in the families in your community? Whether you make a one time donation or a recurring donation, we can do what we do because of our community funding us!

What Can You Do?

The families and children in your community are in crisis.

There is a solution. And it's the Church.

What is the difference between fostering and adopting? Can I adopt a foster kid?
How do I become a foster parent? Foster parent in Georgia. Foster agencies near me. Best Foster Care agency in Georgia.
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How do I support foster care? What is foster care? What is a private foster care agency?
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How to get involved in foster care, How do I get involved in foster care?
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Nice to meet you!

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Families 4 Families serves as both a private foster care agency and a nonprofit organization. We specialize in the careful placement of children entering the foster care system into loving, Christian homes. Our dedicated team thoroughly vets and trains these families, ensuring a nurturing environment for every child entrusted to our care.

Once settled, we provide a holistic support system, empowering both foster
children and families to thrive. Then, with our community, resources, and connections we offer a range of services, from prayer groups to practical assistance to feeding families, fostering a network of love and encouragement.

We firmly believe that the local church is a vital part of the solution to the foster care crisis in our state and with 8 offices across Georgia so that we can serve every child, we cannot do what we do without you.

Who We Are
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The Basics

Recruit Families

We recruit foster families and support families from churches around our communities and walk them through the process of becoming a prepared and loving foster family.


We believe in the redemption of families and the opportunity for families to become healthy and rebuild while children are safe and fully loved. We always fight for reunification if it is in the best interest of the child. 

Place Children

We place children into our network of families that live in the same communities of their biological families, keeping children close to what is comforting and close to court.


If a child is unable to be reunited with their biological family, we rejoice in the restoration of adoption. Every child is worthy of a family and home that is completely safe, stable, supportive, and loving.


The Everyday

With 8 offices throughout Georgia, we are staffed to walk with your family through the comprehensive journey of foster care. Our social workers deeply care for your families and the children you foster. 

Support Programs

Fostering and adoption have challenges. We are set apart because of the comprehensive care we give our families. Through things like date nights, kids camps, parent support groups, and mentorship we want to care for you!

WhatWe Do
What We Believe

and why we do it...


Connecting with local churches to recruit and support faith based families that can provide loving homes to children in the Georgia Foster Care System.

And, of course, to meet the crisis of our foster care system with the solution of the Church, both helping biological families heal and reunite and cultivating new family relationships through adoption.


At Families 4 Families, fostering is more than a role; it's a family ministry. Beyond caring for foster children, you are also involved in meaningful interactions with their families.


Our vision is to support you and your family in ministering to those facing challenges in the foster care system. We aim to create an agency where everyone is treated like family, fostering genuine care and compassion.

What do you need to do to foster?

You can't change the whole world, but you can change the whole world for one child. 

What  ourFamilies & Communities Say

I think the world of this ministry. They passionately care for children who desperately need a good Christian home to live in. They work hand in hand with the foster parents to minister both to them and to the children in their homes. They go above and beyond to shine the light of Christ to these families. I could not recommend another agency any higher. I am so thankful for what they are doing across the state of Georgia and encourage others to help them in pursuing their mission.

- Joe Davis, Got Baseball Cards

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